Photo Credit: Sadiq Bradford

Photo Credit: Sadiq Bradford

My name is Lyne, friends call me Mer.
I'm an antisocial optimist, social worker socialite on the rise whose hometown is North Miami Beach, Fl and continues to be refined in Boston, MA.

After an unhealthy relationship ended in summer 2016, those closest to me (my tribe) supported me in discovering a renewed, and stronger version of Lyne. Who would've thought an iPhone, a music festival, and black girl magic would help me transform into the woman I'm now happy to be. 

With a background in social services and a knack for being detailed oriented, I finally found the strength to tell my story through writing and photography. Mine and the experiences of others have become stories for the world to read, see, and relate to.  I love words, I love photos, mix them together and it translated into "Candidly Still." 

I believe strength and relationship building can be found through sharing stories. Yes, it takes trust and vulnerability to do so but the break through is worth it. 

For those who are still finding their voice, this space is for you. 
For those just stopping by, this space is for you.

For my tribe, the amazing black women and men in my life who saw and spoke life back into me, this space is for you.

I had my ups and downs but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons but I made lemonade.” 
-Hattie White, Lemonade, Beyoncé



All photos featured in the "Photography" page have been taken by Lyne P. Erie